Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Couches, Chairs & Vacuums

We are finally moved into our new house!  Our stuff was delivered and our empty house became filled with more cardboard than I thought possible.

And that is what we had managed to get it down to by Saturday.  We unboxed, unwrapped, hauled, folded, carried, and placed most of our stuff into its new spot in the house.  At one point I looked at my watch and noticed that it was 3pm, Phil and I had been unpacking since around 10am...I wasn't sure where the time went, but I definitely knew it went to good use!

As you can see, Max worked incredibly hard...

As with all PCS's and moves in general, we had stuff break: dining room chairs, our vacuum and two picture frames.  Overall not too bad!

The biggest thing that baffled me was that they lost our couches, I really didn't think that was possible!  Dishes, movies, picture frames, those I totally understand, but couches are pretty big! They have been lost to the Great Crate Creatures: the creatures that hide inside of crates and beam your stuff up to wherever they want it (I know, there was a Star Trek reference: big nerd!).

However, on the plus side, I do get to pick out new furniture!  As you know I love shopping, and furniture shopping is no exception!  We will soon (in theory) have couches that compliment and fit our living room perfectly!  Until the next time of course...

The movers were awesome and came and removed our mound of cardboard boxes on Monday and I now feel less claustrophobic.  I thought they were just going to take over the living room and as long as I could get to the refrigerator, I was going to let them! But the lovely men at the moving company took them away and gave us our living room back.

It feels amazing to be back and officially in our new home!  Phil and I are settling in quite nicely and are enjoying the double sinks in our master bathroom...this is a privilege we have never known and I am pretty sure that can save marriages.

Next task: hang decorations!  I think that is the best part!

I think Max really misses the couch...the plastic tub just isn't getting the job done.

I hope everyone continues to have a wonderful week! :)

Does anyone else have any crazy PCS/Moving stories???


  1. I can't wait to see the new furniture! Love you!

  2. Yay for being in your new home!!! We had a few minor things broken so we were thrilled.


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