Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Couches, Chairs & Vacuums

We are finally moved into our new house!  Our stuff was delivered and our empty house became filled with more cardboard than I thought possible.

And that is what we had managed to get it down to by Saturday.  We unboxed, unwrapped, hauled, folded, carried, and placed most of our stuff into its new spot in the house.  At one point I looked at my watch and noticed that it was 3pm, Phil and I had been unpacking since around 10am...I wasn't sure where the time went, but I definitely knew it went to good use!

As you can see, Max worked incredibly hard...

As with all PCS's and moves in general, we had stuff break: dining room chairs, our vacuum and two picture frames.  Overall not too bad!

The biggest thing that baffled me was that they lost our couches, I really didn't think that was possible!  Dishes, movies, picture frames, those I totally understand, but couches are pretty big! They have been lost to the Great Crate Creatures: the creatures that hide inside of crates and beam your stuff up to wherever they want it (I know, there was a Star Trek reference: big nerd!).

However, on the plus side, I do get to pick out new furniture!  As you know I love shopping, and furniture shopping is no exception!  We will soon (in theory) have couches that compliment and fit our living room perfectly!  Until the next time of course...

The movers were awesome and came and removed our mound of cardboard boxes on Monday and I now feel less claustrophobic.  I thought they were just going to take over the living room and as long as I could get to the refrigerator, I was going to let them! But the lovely men at the moving company took them away and gave us our living room back.

It feels amazing to be back and officially in our new home!  Phil and I are settling in quite nicely and are enjoying the double sinks in our master bathroom...this is a privilege we have never known and I am pretty sure that can save marriages.

Next task: hang decorations!  I think that is the best part!

I think Max really misses the couch...the plastic tub just isn't getting the job done.

I hope everyone continues to have a wonderful week! :)

Does anyone else have any crazy PCS/Moving stories???

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Jobs, Houses, & Family...Oh My!

Life this summer has been in a constant state of whirlwind.  Just when I get some type of routine down and feel mellow, KABOOM!  Life laughs at me....again and again as it would seem.

Phil found out our next duty station and it is.....right here at Fort Sill, OK!  So we will be seeing all that OK has to offer for the next few years.  That being said, since we found out early in the summer (mid June),  I decided that I will look for teaching jobs.  Why be unemployed when I didn't have to be?   I accepted a position at a Middle School as a Direct Instruction teacher for Language Arts and I am so very excited to get started! It will be a shift from teaching my high schoolers, but I am ready for this challenge! :)

Oh and we also found a house to rent:

This all happened in a week: Phil found out on a Tuesday night that we were staying and by the following Tuesday, we had signed a lease and I had signed my teaching contract for the upcoming school year...see,  there is that KABOOM I was talking about!

I have been able to fit in some reading which has been like a lifeline!  I am an avid reader and I can usually tell when I haven't been reading enough actually, so I have been making use of summer vacation!

I've been completely immersed in the written word and it has been lovely.  I also think I may be addicted to thrillers...

My parents came and visited OK for the Fourth of July!! It was so wonderful to have them here and show them OK and just spend time as a family.  This year was particularly special because due to trainings and deployments, Phil and I had never actually spent a Fourth of July together!

My parents left for home and Max and I decided to catch a ride on the Big Rig (my dad drives a semi truck) and rolled with them down the road.  Max is the ideal trucking dog: he sleeps, chews his toys, and whenever we slowed down, hopped up on my lap to take a look at what was happening in the outside world.  He is the epitome of chill, and when you aren't looking, he will steal your seat:

It always feels good to go home, it allows me to recharge and gear up for the school year.  Max is happy being back in the hills of Western NY as well

Max has regained some spunk as it is much cooler here and the poor frisbee caught the brunt of the excitement...power chewer indeed.

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week and upcoming weekend!  Anyone got any big plans?

Does anyone use the Audible App?   I downloaded it and my first book for free (another thriller because I'm clearly addicted) and I am deciding on if I want to continue.  Is it worth the money each month?  Thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated!  :)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pokemon, Pot Pie, & AC

So remember me telling you that Phil and I were BIG Pokemon nerds?  Well the COOLEST thing happened: we caught a SNORLAX!  This is huge because neither of us had one and we couldn't for the life of us find one!  We would see them at the gyms and just wonder where in the world did these people get them?!?!  Well feast your eyes on this cool dude:

Ok, granted he's not super good, but he's mine!

Aside from being nerds and catching them all, I have also determined that Phil and I (and two of our other friends that will remain nameless to allow them their cool-guy facade) will be very ready for senior citizenship.  I have come to this conclusion by realizing that:

  1. We like to eat dinner before 6pm if possible, and have been known to eat at 4:30pm with our soon to be crowd.
  2. We like to be in for the night by 7pm....this does not include our nightly walks with Max, that is a whole different category
  3. We eat Pot Pie every Wednesday at Cracker Barrel because Wednesday is Pot Pie Day
Yep, this is what 26 going on 66 looks like friends.

Max continues to enjoy RV life:

This is his newest perch: he can see all, hear all and inform me when the neighbors are making any type of sound/movement.

He's so fierce (insert dramatic eye roll here)

Phil surprised me by coming home with these beautiful flowers on Tuesday!

I am one lucky lady! 

He also installed a floor AC unit in the RV and our lives have been mega better!!  This Oklahoma heat is no joke and the RV is a magnet for the sun and traps the heat in like crazy, so it has leveled the playing field.  I have no picture of this because Phil did not like the shots I took while he was installing pooper!

My parents are coming down to visit next week and spending the Fourth down here with Phil, my brother and I!  I am so excited! It will be great to see them and since mom has never been to Oklahoma before, I intend to show her around.  She will be drinking sweet tea in no time!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!  Phil and I are thinking of trying kayaking/canoeing this weekend; any tips?  Has anyone tried it?

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Apologies, New Shoes, & Life

I am soooo sorry for being so absent lately! Phil's laptop died (RIP the HP) and he has been taking my Mac to work.  I usually do most of my blogging during the day because when he gets home, its time for dinner, adventures, walks, and snacks!  Therefore, I tend to forget about blogging and BOOM!  Schedule disrupted!

However, I do think I am turning him over to the Dark Side of using Apple products....

Life here in OK has been HOT and pretty good!  The days are filled with walks, sweet tea runs, gym time and puppy snuggles.

On really hot days, we take rest breaks to watch the geese do whatever it is geese do...not a whole lot in my opinion, but Max is fascinated.

We also managed to actually get Max in the water this weekend!  This is HUGE because this dog doesn't like anything to do with water: puddles, rain, baths, etc; and he was actually chest deep in the lake!

Phil and I were so proud!

*Note my fancy photography skills and getting him mid nose-lick...I know, mega impressive ;)

Biggest news of all: I GOT NEW SNEAKERS!!

I am in LOVE with my new Nike Free Runs!  Literally obsessed!! A friend gave me a new sneaker website that have all kinds of cool designs for Adidas, Nike, Puma, Jordans, etc, and boy am I excited!!

You can imagine how excited Phil is about that...especially with our space restrictions in the RV...good news is that sneakers can store somewhat flat!  Problem solved! :)

Phil and I have also been doing some exploring and seeing all of what Oklahoma has to offer; it has been really awesome having my guy back :)

When I am not doing the gym thing, walking Max, drinking sweet tea, and hanging with my main man, I have really been enjoying the sunsets we get on our evening walks.

Besides the crazy access to sweet tea I now have, I think this might be my favorite part of being in Oklahoma.

I will try to do better this week with blogging!  I will not get distracted by the idea of dinner! Or at least not as distracted, after all who can resist Taco Tuesday??

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!  I will do a Photos of the Week/Past Weeks segment this week so you all can see more of our Oklahoma Adventure!

Does anyone have any book suggestions?  Summer vacation is when I catch up on my reading and I am in desperate need for some book ideas!  Let me know what you are reading!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Humidity, Houdini, & Love

Holy Humidity Batman!  This is such a change from my usual CO weather or the NY weather of back home.  I have come to the conclusion that I do not know how women here: A) have long hair as I want to chop mine off, or B) manage to wear it down.  Hello sexy/messy topknot! Poor Phil, I feel like I haven't looked put together since I got here! Good thing he loves me!

Max has also noticed this weather change as he is soooooo not motivated!! I take him on a walk ( we usually average around 3 miles per walk) and he is dead! Puppy out!  Although he does enjoy some scenery on our walks:

His fascination with the cows is a real thing, until they come over to the fence and snort at him.  Then he is not so sure anymore.

Speaking of Max, or as I am now calling him Dogini, because he has managed to escape his crate multiple times since we've been here.   I think I am going to set up the GoPro to watch what he does when we aren't home, because Phil and I are literally stumped.  Maybe he's trying to tell us he doesn't need the crate and will happily lie in his bed with his toys; or maybe he has a diabolical plan to take over the RV Park...all good questions my friends.  To be continued...

I have found my newest love in the form of Spin Class.  It is an amazing workout and since I am an avid bike rider originally, it gives me that sense of awesomeness I get of riding on the open road! It is hard, sweaty, and a ton of fun!

I am not normally one for post-workout selfies, but this was crazy!

Speaking of selfies, I have been making Phil take "cute" photos with me!  I think sometimes that is what I can miss most when we are apart; I will see all of our friends doing fun things together and taking photos and that is what I want to do!  So now that we are together, I am trying to capitalize on that!  And being the supportive guy he is, Phil only sighs before he gets his phone out to snap a photo...what a guy :)

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Our attempt at a family photo...Max wasn't having it!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!! :)

What are your favorite fitness classes to do?

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Driving, Unpacking, & RVing

Hello! Sorry for the absence, things have been quite busy around here lately!  Max and I were up and at it around 4:30am Saturday morning to hit the road!  After a quick sweet tea stop, it was just us and the open road.  And I do mean open, I don't think there were many other cars besides us on the road.  We traveled South through Colorado, then New Mexico, Texas and finally made it to Oklahoma!  It was a great ride and a quiet one; at one point my grandma called me to see where I was and how I was doing: I was doing great and hadn't seen a town in 40 miles so I wasn't sure where in New Mexico I was, but we were rolling along at 75mph, so all was well.

I finally made it to OK and got a big hug and kiss from Phil; nothing like that first moment you get to see each other! (Cue mushy sigh).  Max was happy too! His butt was wiggling about 100mph and then he flopped over for a belly rub...typical happy Max behavior.

A little Pokemon Go in the park and Max doing his best to sniff something (also very common)

My brother got in late Sunday night and we helped him get his RV all set up on Monday.  So we were eating, running around, picking up things that were needed, backing the RV up, moving it forward, Max assisted my sniffing everything, and finally everything was where it should be.  One thing about it, the RV is like having a house on wheels, but it does take you a hot second to get that house all hooked up, leveled and settled.

My brothers' new home for the next 4 years!

Phil and I have been slowly unpacking the RV and getting all settled ourselves, but mostly we have been just enjoying being together, running around with Zack and taking Max on our evening walks...that is literally my favorite time of the day :)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!  :)

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Packing, Moving, & the Floor

As predicted, this was a rollercoaster week that ran me through the entire emotion gambit.  As I reflect on it, I really am 99.9% sure I hit every single one.  I said goodbye to my students and my co-workers who had become my family.  I left the school that I called home for the past two and a half years and packed the house that was my home.

I needed a pie is too short not to enjoy some chocolate pie once and a while! And yes, I did eat it on the floor,  my chairs were wrapped! 

I attempted my hand at the Panoramic setting with my iPhone...not bad, but I need some practice! 

The movers were AMAZING! They put a lot of time and care into how they packed our things and made sure they padded every item that required it (bedroom furniture, dining room table and chairs, our washer and dryer, etc).  They really did a fabulous job!

And just like that, the house is empty!

Max came home from daycare and went into a sniffing frenzy! Not only did he smell the packers, but all of our stuff was missing!  Especially his beloved couch...we all know how he feels about that ;)

I had lunch with a few friends today and one of them got me the best gift ever!! She and another one of my co-workers were discussing my hyper/perky/sunny disposition and decided that I must be a unicorn because they are the only ones that can poop rainbows....and apparently I also possess this quality (that is quite the compliment!) So, in honor of my unicornness, she got me this:

Now I may go forth and eat Skittles so I can poop the co-workers ever!!  This fun stuff is one of the million reasons why I am going to miss them so much.

But as all of the housewares are packed, goodbyes have been muscled through, and the house cleaned, it is time to cuddle on the air mattress with my puppy and watch Forrest Gump on Netflix (yay personal hotspot technology win!)

Oh and be really excited that I get to see my husband tomorrow and spend mega time with him...cue happy sigh.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!! :)

What are everyone's plans for this Memorial Day Weekend?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Tissues, Panera, & Sinatra

I made it through graduation and only teared up a few times, however, I blew my nose a ton.  This cold has literally been the death of me!  Good news: I am finally feeling better and think I will be sniffle free by the time I need to pull out of CO on Saturday.

This week is super crazy: last week of school, movers are coming, carpets are getting steamed, packing is happening, and I am leaving for Oklahoma on Saturday...whew!  Cue extra sweet tea to survive the week!

On Saturday I had a lovely day date with a friend that included Target shopping (Love Target!) and Panera Bread.  I LOVE Panera and Phil hates going with me: he says the food is good, but it is just not filing enough.  So when we go, he gets a pastry and I get the Spicy Thai Chicken Salad (which is amazing and my favorite salad) and then after, he gets a burger from Wendy's...we have stopped going together.  So this friend date was much needed and she shares my love for Panera.

Max spent the day at daycare to flirt with his girlfriends and play his puppy heart out and was glad that I had a good friend date and listened with enthusiasm...

I have been really loving the Seriously Sinatra channel on Sirius Radio on Sunday mornings; I am an old soul anyway, but for some reason, it just hits with my Sunday mood lately. 

I get to hear Frank Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Bing Crosby, etc, and it really is quite lovely.  Listening to that music makes me wish I new how to waltz or ballroom dance, maybe I can get Phil to take lessons with me one of these days :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!! And if you have any extra calming vibes, if you could send them my way I would be grateful! :)

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Magnets, Flowers, & Stuffy Noses

I am not sure what decided to bloom, but I wish it would go away! I am soooooooo stuffy I can barely think straight!  I literally feel like all I do is blow my nose, and my poor nose is all red and annoyed.  My kids make fun of me for the way I talk and I honestly can't blame them, I sound like a disaster.

But, in other news, Phil surprised me with flowers on Monday!

I came back down from co-teaching and there they were sitting on my desk looking beautiful! The card is what really go me though:

He really is just the best and I cannot wait to see him in 10 days!!!

So I drive a Subaru Outback, and I am pretty sure it is the kind of car that is made for dogs and magnets.   The ultimate kind of cool is when you can combine the two!  Ms. Pearl (the Outback) is sporting a brand-new (and first ever) magnet:

My dad sent me this and I laughed so hard!  He really knows his grand-puppy well as Max usually ends up in a cone at least twice a year: there was the time we ran into the fence and split our dew claw, there was the time we ran into our crate and split a nail, there was the time when we got swatted by a dog at daycare, etc.  With Max I feel like there is always a "There was the time when..." statement that follows him around.  I guess this falls under the category of boys will be boys, or that sometimes, dogs are klutzy too.

Said klutz

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week!  :)

Any exciting plans for the weekend?

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Graduation, Commissioning, & Beauty and the Beast

I am so incredibly proud of my "little" brother!  He graduated from Niagara University (the Alma Mater of both Phil and I) and commissioned as a 2Lt in the Army this weekend!

I was able to watch it Live as they streamed it from the ceremony, and I am so glad they did!  I would be lying if I didn't tear up a little when my parents were pinning him, my grandfather giving him his first salute, or watching him take the oath...chills my friends!

I finally saw Beauty & the Beast last night and it was incredible! I am so glad I did not just wait until it came out on DVD, so awesome! I now want to go see it again and again and again, and so on.

I was in a mega cleaning/purging mood again on Saturday and gave the house another scrub down...what is it about hardcore cleaning that soothes the soul?

The vacuum came out and Max was faced with Fight or Flight and he chose Flight underneath our end table; he's so fierce...

Note the ever present sweet tea cup...addiction is still holding strong!

My seniors graduate this Thursday! I am so excited for them to embark on their journey after high school, but it is always a tad bittersweet!  The teachers form a receiving line at the end and they use that opportunity to give us just one more hug, it is just the sweetest!

With that coming up this week, it is time to unwind and get ready for the LAST FULL WEEK OF SCHOOL!! Can't believe it's so close!

Max is one step ahead of me with anyone surprised by that?

Have a wonderful week everyone! :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Rain, Running, & Two Weeks

WE OFFICIALLY HAVE TWO WEEKS OF SCHOOL LEFT!!  I'm not sure if you can tell, but I am a tad excited...just a smidgen really.  With the last two weeks of school, chaos starts to ensue in the form of just utter craziness.  The students, the teachers, the admin, etc, are all stir crazy; we are all ready to have a break and recoup.  And what better way to recoup then with summer vacation!

Speaking/thinking of summer, it continues to rain here, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  At one point we were in a drought, and had a heat wave...I've officially forgotten what that feels like.  While Max and I have gotten pretty good at our fetch routine, it would be a nice change of pace to go outside again on an actual walk.

Max doesn't seem to mind apparently, why walk outside when you can half sit/stand on the couch?

I've started running again after taking some time off and let me tell you, it hurts so good!  But wow, it hurts! Take a little time off and BAM! Sore legs!  But the satisfaction I get during and after reminds me of why I love it, and it gives me some time to think.

With my brothers' college graduation/commission coming up this weekend (the alma mater of both Phil and I), it takes me back to our college graduation and Phil's commissioning:

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week! Max is displaying what a Wednesday night truly feels like:

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Planes, Oklahoma, & Girl Time

The weekend was finally here! It was time to board that plane and go see Phil!

Goodbye Colorado!

Hello Oklahoma!

It was wonderful and perfect and it just felt so good to see him!  Is it odd that I forgot how cute he is? Or how much he makes my heart just flutter?  It's easy to forget what those sensations feel like when you're apart for a significant amount of time.  And these past two months definitely felt significant to me!

The promotion ceremony was sweet and it was such an honor to be a part of.  I ripped his 1Lt rank off and chucked it behind him (Phil said I threw like a girl...insert dramatic girlie eye roll here...) and I placed the CPT rank on there and heeled him in the chest...just to make sure it stuck ;)

I went with the cream dress and the nude heels; it just seemed appropriate for the occasion.

This picture was my favorite because it shows me squinty and laughing at something he said, and he's  just looking at me in the way that he does (insert heart flutter)

After all of that formal stuff, we hung out with my dad (who managed to pull the Big Rig into OK at the right time!) and had a celebratory brunch at Cracker Barrel and bopped around OK to see what we could see.

It was a beautiful weekend and the weather was perfect on Saturday for climbing Mt. Scott and then catching all we could catch with Pokemon Go (nerd alert!)

Sadly all weekends have to come to an end, and it was tough leaving him, but it helps knowing that I will see him again quite soon.  And I had no time to brood, my friend came to visit after I got home! It was so great to see her and catch up; it had been a few years since we have actually gotten to have some good old fashioned Girl Time and it was needed!  Great way to start off the week!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all have a  fabulous week! :)

Max was happy to take his place back on the couch from his Doggy Daycare Adventure Weekend!

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