Monday, February 27, 2017

Airplanes, Weddings, & Sweet Tea

What a weekend!! Phil and I were in a wedding this weekend in Alabama; our friends who have been together FOREVER (seriously, 7 years!) finally tied the knot this past Saturday!  We were so excited to be part of this amazing event!

The weekend started out with a BANG! We arrived at the airport only an hour before takeoff (thank you pop up blizzard), nothing gets your heart rate up and at it like running through a parking lot and an airport at 6am! But, we made it and we were off!

We landed in Alabama, grabbed our rental car (a bright, cherry red Dodge Journey to be couldn't miss us) some sweet tea (I love being in the South where I can get that all the time) and it was go time!

He's always thrilled to take driving selfies with me....especially when he's driving...

It was so fun to finally meet the rest of the bridesmaids!  We have all been communicating for months, but it was nice to finally do that in person!  And of course, to see the beautiful bride! The rehearsal was a slam dunk and it was time to kick off the pre-wedding celebration with the rehearsal dinner: it was awesome to meet everyone and we were able to tell funny stories of the bride and groom.  Phil enlightened the group with how the Groom calmed him down on the day of our engagement, but that is a story for another time!

Rehearsal selfie: Phil compared me to an Oreo, a "cute Oreo"to be my credit, I did have pink shoes on, so I was a stylish Oreo.

The Wedding Day was filled with hairspray, bobby pins, laughter, chicken nuggets, makeup, and a whole lot of excitement!  We were all super excited!  Today was the day that we have all been waiting for (especially the Bride!!)  It was all perfect, the Bride most of all :)

And so our friends are officially Husband and Wife...welcome to the club friends!! Phil and I had such a wonderful time, but we are glad to be back home and relaxing after our adventure! We hadn't been in a wedding since our own, and I must say, it was awesome!  It was fun watching our friends take those vows and begin their adventure as Husband and Wife...I know that marrying Phil has been my favorite adventure so far!

Have a great week everyone! 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday's Thoughts

The absolute best part about today is that there is no alarm tomorrow...thats right! I have another day to sleep in and just be.  This weekend was filled with a lot of fun and relaxation.   Saturday was a gorgeous day that beckoned Phil and I to get our Pokemon Go on, and boy did we ever!  And what day is complete without ice cream for lunch:
Peanut butter chip with salted caramel pieces....AMAZING!

 Last night Phil and I went to a college hockey game with a friend and it ended up being a wonderful game!  Double overtime that ended with a shoot out (my friend and I were having a serious Mighty Ducks flashback...quack, quack).  We lost the shootout, but what an ending!

Max had his own weekend adventure that resulted in a lesson: if another puppy doesn't want to play, don't keep bothering them because you could get a paw to the face...
Took him to the emergency vet today, he's totally fine; in fact he doesn't even notice that he has a scratch under his eye.  It pays to be cute and dopey!  But, hopefully Bruiser learned his lesson...verdict is still out on that.  Have a great week everyone!

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Love, Stuff & Other Junk

We made it!! This week has been crazy with work and just extra shenanigans that seem to pop up when you least expect them (for example: a ridiculous migraine, but I digress).  It was filled with extra fun too; such as being able to actually celebrate Valentine's Day with my husband! He was deployed last year, in the field before that, etc...being married to an Army man means that you enjoy the holidays you get to spend together, and realize that you're going to spend quite a few apart.  He was super sweet, he surprised me with a plaque to commemorate my first half marathon!

And with the nice weather that we have been blessed with, we got to kick off our long weekend with a  walk with our handsome four-legged man.  Max is always up for a good walk (that is how we can sniff and pee on all of the things of course) and that also means he gets to partake in his favorite activity: going for a ride in the truck.  I swear this puppy could be snoring and you mention the R word and he is up and ready!

They are pretty cute!!  You'll notice that Phil (the husband) is holding his phone, well that is because we updated our Pokemon Go app and had to go catch 'em all...yes, we are that nerdy (I'm sure more nerdiness will come up eventually!).

May the Force Be With You! 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thursday's Musings

It's Thursday!  Woohoo, we made it! The thing is, I love Thursday, it is in fact my favorite day.  I love the anticipation of Friday and the weekend; its there but just out of reach.  It is kind of like Christmas Eve versus Christmas Day...maybe I just enjoy the build-up.  BUT, this weekend is special because it is a 3 DAY WEEKEND!  It couldn't come at a better time, everyone is getting to that antsy part of the semester and I think we all need a breath before continuing. And the weekend with its extra day have me dreaming about the possibilities: running, hanging with the husband, cuddling with Max, shopping, baking, reading, eating, friends, breathing, mani, pedi, movies...I want to do all of it and nothing: just bask in the peace.    What are everyone's plans for this weekend?

Make sure you take a moment and breathe in the happy :)

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday Thoughts

Huge shoutout to the Colorado Running Company (see link below)  for fitting me with an amazing pair of running shoes!  They not only take the time to make sure you have the perfect fit; but they analyze your foot (I have a very high arch...who knew) and they analyze the way you run to find the perfect shoes for you!  I bought the Ghost by Brooks, they have great support for my high arch and a wide toe base so my toes have plenty of wiggle room (which is a nice change of pace).

As I logged my first two miles on them this afternoon, I feel very happy with this decision!

But for now, it is time for dinner, couch cuddles, and relaxation before a very busy week.  Have a great week everyone! 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Bets & New Shoes

My husband and I made a bet: if I medal at our half marathon, I get new shoes; if I don't medal....well really nothing happened.  It wasn't a really intense bet as you can see.  HOWEVER, I did in fact medal, so Saturday is going to be a happy day: Saturday is the Day of New Shoes!  I think I have earned new Nikes: they are comfortable, I love the way they fit my feet, and those colors!  How can you beat that neon awesomeness that they bring?  I feel faster as soon as I put them on (if only, if only).  Does anyone have any sneakers that they just love?  I love to try new things (especially shoes!) so please drop a comment below with your favorite running shoes!  Happy Thursday everyone!

Said medal that earned me new shoes :)

Monday, February 6, 2017

First Marathon Complete!

I did it!! I officially finished my first half marathon! It was amazing and extremely tiring...but I achieved my goal!  Today at school was quite an adventure, woah sore!  I mean, wow!  Everything hurts from my ribcage down!  My students were really wonderful however, they were so proud.  They wanted to know every detail, see my medal and informed me that I was to stretch and soak in a tub when I got home (thanks guys).

I learned a few things during my first half marathon:

  1. Always race on a Saturday because Monday is brutal
  2. Eating carbs before racing is a real thing, do it
  3. Prepare to be a blob for the rest of the day, and the day after

With that being said, I am now going to nap until it is time to get up and go to bed.  Happy Monday everyone! 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tough Day at the Office

So there are days that being a teacher is really tough: it's hard giving consequences to my students because in all actuality, I am their biggest fan and their loudest cheerleader.  But, I am also the one that has to teach them accountability and responsibility....sigh.  BUT, then you have moments with your students that remind you of why you do this.  Today I had a student tell me that he feels lucky to have me in his life because I never give up on him and never pass judgement (big smile!) It is really awesome when they recognize that about you; it can really brighten your day! Happy Thursday everyone!

P.S., this is what Max thinks about our new 4:30am wakeup call:

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