Monday, January 30, 2017

That Early Morning Alarm

So this week I decided to see if the effects of working out in the morning outweigh the effects of working out in the afternoon.  The biggest change in exercise for me is that over the past year, I have gotten very into running.  My husband is a runner and I thought it would be nice if we could do that together.  Fast forward a year and my first half marathon is Super Bowl Sunday (YIKES!) So, the alarm goes off at 4:30 this morning and up I go, determined to go into BeastMode and hit the treadmill with gusto.  Well, I am proud to say I did and it really did wonders for my mood!  However, I didn't realize A) how hungry I would be throughout the day and B) how intense that 9am slump would hit.  And it hit, whew!  As I am never one to back away from a challenge (ugh that alarm though...) I think I will go to bed now to make up the difference!  Happy Monday everyone!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ninja Style

While I would love to be a professional puppy cuddler/shoe shopper, my real passion is teaching.  I am a high school Special Education Teacher, and my life is never dull.  Between who is dating who, tears, laughter, grading, drama, and turtles (that is a story for another time), I can honestly say I sleep pretty good at night.  One of my favorite things about teaching is watching my students grasp a difficult concept, but also, I enjoy learning from them.  Today was a perfect example of I learned that I am a ninja.  This was quite a surprise! So I asked what qualifications there were to being ninja and it turns out that there are only three:

  1. You must have black pants - check
  2. You must be stealthy - almost check
  3. You must blend in - as my students are bigger than I am, check
So as I reflect on my day, I would say that overall, it was a pretty awesome day! Happy Thursday everyone!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Feelings by Max

There are times when your dog really embodies what you are feeling....its cool and almost a tad weird.  As my husband and I are doing our Sunday night-get ready for the week-yet squeeze the last bit of freedom out of the weekend bit, I notice that Max (said dog) must be feeling the same way because he stretches out on top of the couch and looks at us with the longing for Friday night.  I feel you bud, I feel you.  Have a happy week everyone!

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