Sunday, August 20, 2017

School, Hugs, & Gym Time

The first full week of school is done! And Week #2 is ready to start tomorrow! It has been a crazy week!  Apparently in Middle School, kiddos still hug the teacher; I didn't know that (my high schoolers weren't super big into hugs) so I was very surprised when I received many First Day of School Hugs, Monday Hugs, End of the Day Hugs, Open House Hugs, Friday Hugs, etc.  Hugs on hugs on hugs.

Along with the hugs, you get the thugs...or the students who think they run the hard life, can Netflix and Chill, and all that business.   Well, their attitude is no match for my own and they realized who actually ran the classroom...its me.  Plus, they look kind of cute when they act all tough, I didn't tell them that so I didn't ruin all of their "street cred", but let's face it, they are 11 years old, cute is all they can manage at this point.

This was an adorable card I received on Friday...they really can be so stinking cute!  It made me feel so good!  I also hung it up on my filing cabinet so I can look at it whenever I need a boost.

I also appreciate that he spelled my last name correctly :)

Max has also been adjusting to this new work schedule:

Life is ruff...

But he was a good boy for the groomer and scored a brand new bandana!  Look at that handsome little bud!

Phil and I had joined a gym that is literally across the street about a month ago and have been religiously hitting it 5-6 times per week.  I was a little hesitant at first about the two of us being gym partners, you never can tell about your spouse until you're both lifting weights, but it has actually been awesome!  We lift each other up, keep each other motivated, and it is a nice hobby that we have together :)

That being said, sometimes I do make him take selfies with me at the gym...I can't help it, he's cute!

I love that he humors me!

Last week was intense with our gym routine, I had gotten out of Teacher Shape: standing all day, pacing all day, knowing all of the answers to all of the questions, and being responsible.  Whew! Definitely an adjustment compared to summer break!  But, we did it and I feel ready to hit it again this week!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!  May your caffeine be strong and your attitude high! :)

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  1. My ultimate fantasy is to have my gym right across the street.
    I hope you ruler some grammar into that kid.

    1. We are going to get started on that and spelling!!


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