Thursday, June 1, 2017

Driving, Unpacking, & RVing

Hello! Sorry for the absence, things have been quite busy around here lately!  Max and I were up and at it around 4:30am Saturday morning to hit the road!  After a quick sweet tea stop, it was just us and the open road.  And I do mean open, I don't think there were many other cars besides us on the road.  We traveled South through Colorado, then New Mexico, Texas and finally made it to Oklahoma!  It was a great ride and a quiet one; at one point my grandma called me to see where I was and how I was doing: I was doing great and hadn't seen a town in 40 miles so I wasn't sure where in New Mexico I was, but we were rolling along at 75mph, so all was well.

I finally made it to OK and got a big hug and kiss from Phil; nothing like that first moment you get to see each other! (Cue mushy sigh).  Max was happy too! His butt was wiggling about 100mph and then he flopped over for a belly rub...typical happy Max behavior.

A little Pokemon Go in the park and Max doing his best to sniff something (also very common)

My brother got in late Sunday night and we helped him get his RV all set up on Monday.  So we were eating, running around, picking up things that were needed, backing the RV up, moving it forward, Max assisted my sniffing everything, and finally everything was where it should be.  One thing about it, the RV is like having a house on wheels, but it does take you a hot second to get that house all hooked up, leveled and settled.

My brothers' new home for the next 4 years!

Phil and I have been slowly unpacking the RV and getting all settled ourselves, but mostly we have been just enjoying being together, running around with Zack and taking Max on our evening walks...that is literally my favorite time of the day :)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!  :)

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  1. I am so glad that you all made it there safely!!! :) I know you are happy to be reunited with your husband.

    1. So happy! It will be nice to spend some time together for a little while! :)


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