Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Humidity, Houdini, & Love

Holy Humidity Batman!  This is such a change from my usual CO weather or the NY weather of back home.  I have come to the conclusion that I do not know how women here: A) have long hair as I want to chop mine off, or B) manage to wear it down.  Hello sexy/messy topknot! Poor Phil, I feel like I haven't looked put together since I got here! Good thing he loves me!

Max has also noticed this weather change as he is soooooo not motivated!! I take him on a walk ( we usually average around 3 miles per walk) and he is dead! Puppy out!  Although he does enjoy some scenery on our walks:

His fascination with the cows is a real thing, until they come over to the fence and snort at him.  Then he is not so sure anymore.

Speaking of Max, or as I am now calling him Dogini, because he has managed to escape his crate multiple times since we've been here.   I think I am going to set up the GoPro to watch what he does when we aren't home, because Phil and I are literally stumped.  Maybe he's trying to tell us he doesn't need the crate and will happily lie in his bed with his toys; or maybe he has a diabolical plan to take over the RV Park...all good questions my friends.  To be continued...

I have found my newest love in the form of Spin Class.  It is an amazing workout and since I am an avid bike rider originally, it gives me that sense of awesomeness I get of riding on the open road! It is hard, sweaty, and a ton of fun!

I am not normally one for post-workout selfies, but this was crazy!

Speaking of selfies, I have been making Phil take "cute" photos with me!  I think sometimes that is what I can miss most when we are apart; I will see all of our friends doing fun things together and taking photos and that is what I want to do!  So now that we are together, I am trying to capitalize on that!  And being the supportive guy he is, Phil only sighs before he gets his phone out to snap a photo...what a guy :)

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Our attempt at a family photo...Max wasn't having it!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!! :)

What are your favorite fitness classes to do?


  1. You have me so wanting to go to a spin class now! And I think selfies are so great, I love having little pictures of Tom and I's date nights and reminders of things we did. I know I'll love looking back on them on 20 years too!

    1. Awe thanks you! :) best compliment ever! And yes, my thoughts on the photos too! It's just so fun to look back and remember!!

  2. My sister bought a spin bike and she absolutely loves it!! I just could never get into it but I definitely commend those that do it.

    1. Wow that's great for your sister! Once we get back into a house, I might have to add one to our collection!

  3. I like spin class too. It's definitely a hard workout but makes you feel good after. I have gotten into HIITor circuit training as well. If you haven't tried that, you should. I think it's similar to the effort/reward spin class gives. I do like Zumba for an easy workout when I want to do something in a group setting without spending a ton of energy. About the dog, when we moved our dog went through an adjustment period just like all of us. He was doing all kinds of crazy/"bad" things he never did before we moved. I didn't realize how much they feel the move too. So, maybe he is feeling it??

    1. I've never tried HIIT class before!! I will definitely put that on my list! I agree with you about Zumba, it's super fun, but sometimes it's just not hard enough you know? It could be the classes I've taken, but it is a good thing to do with friends! Maybe that is what Max is doing too, just adjusting and figuring out a new "normal". He's been better about the crate (fingers crossed) but now he tries to come into bed with us at the early hours of morning...we then boot him back to his own bed, which he loves and chills in. So confusing!


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