Saturday, December 30, 2017

Hello Again

Hello again!  It has been unbearably long since I have blogged, and I apologize for my absence.  These past few months have been busy, crazy, fun and just ordinary...we had the whole gambit happen.  I wanted to take a break from blogging about my life, and concentrate more on simply living and enjoying it.  And it has been wonderful!

Phil and I signed up for the Half Marathon and Full Marathon up in Tulsa.  I had been training pretty consistently and was super happy with a PR time that was 7 minutes faster than the Super Bowl Half Marathon I ran last year in the Springs.

Phil completed his first full marathon and did it in a little over 5 hours...I was super impressed!

It was a wonderful day and a long ride home...three hours made for some very stiff muscles on our already sore bodies.  But, it was so worth it!

I was running on that half marathon euphoria and signed up for a full marathon in OKC in April, so I am continuing my training and getting (or attempting to get) into marathon shape!  Prayers are appreciated :)

Phil and I also expanded our family by four more paws:

Penny is Max's new sister!  She is almost 16 weeks old and is as adorable and sweet as can be!  Phil and I love her so much already!   She is my little shadow, where I go, Penny goes and that just makes my heart happy.  She and Max wrestle, chase each other, play tug and are figuring out how to be siblings...pretty soon they will be inseparable I believe and that also makes my heart super happy!

It actually snowed here in OK so Phil and I made good use of it and did a brisk 4 miles in the elements.  Call me crazy ( I will not be offended) but I love running in the snow: the peace, the quiet, the feeling of serenity.  After everything warms up, it feels really great!

Layers, runny nose, and frozen cheeks, but a smile that was real!

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!  While the barrage of weight loss and dieting commercials/products/offers floods in, I am going to make a different type of resolution this year.  I will be working on having more patience with life.  My Type A personality can bring out the best and worst in me, and patience is something I want to have more of.

What kind of resolutions are you guys working on?

Have a happy and restful New Year! :)


  1. So awesome!!!! Congrats! You won't regret doing a full! It's an awesome feeling. I love running in the snow too. Lately we have been having pretty cold temps but still managing to run in 5 degree weather ha!

    1. You are awesome! It’s around -5 and I just can’t get motivated enough to get out in that! I can’t wait to do the full, but I’m nervous too! Have you done one?


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