Thursday, February 9, 2017

Bets & New Shoes

My husband and I made a bet: if I medal at our half marathon, I get new shoes; if I don't medal....well really nothing happened.  It wasn't a really intense bet as you can see.  HOWEVER, I did in fact medal, so Saturday is going to be a happy day: Saturday is the Day of New Shoes!  I think I have earned new Nikes: they are comfortable, I love the way they fit my feet, and those colors!  How can you beat that neon awesomeness that they bring?  I feel faster as soon as I put them on (if only, if only).  Does anyone have any sneakers that they just love?  I love to try new things (especially shoes!) so please drop a comment below with your favorite running shoes!  Happy Thursday everyone!

Said medal that earned me new shoes :)


  1. Yay for new shoes!!! :) It's always fun to win a bet like that. :)

  2. I like the look and feel of Nikes, but I know many runners who don't like them at all. I have 4 pairs now but one pair is really old and a certain puppy got at them when he was very little so they're kind of chewed up. And one pair I happened to like so much that I bought duplicates a few years later.

  3. I love the look of Nikes and have a pair of Nike Frees for day-to-day and walking, but the only running shoes I've found to fit me well and not give me shin splints and/or sore knees are Asics. I love how the Asics site will give you suggestions for shoes based on whether you're an over/underpronator, too!

    P.S. Welcome to the blogging world! :)


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