Friday, February 17, 2017

Love, Stuff & Other Junk

We made it!! This week has been crazy with work and just extra shenanigans that seem to pop up when you least expect them (for example: a ridiculous migraine, but I digress).  It was filled with extra fun too; such as being able to actually celebrate Valentine's Day with my husband! He was deployed last year, in the field before that, etc...being married to an Army man means that you enjoy the holidays you get to spend together, and realize that you're going to spend quite a few apart.  He was super sweet, he surprised me with a plaque to commemorate my first half marathon!

And with the nice weather that we have been blessed with, we got to kick off our long weekend with a  walk with our handsome four-legged man.  Max is always up for a good walk (that is how we can sniff and pee on all of the things of course) and that also means he gets to partake in his favorite activity: going for a ride in the truck.  I swear this puppy could be snoring and you mention the R word and he is up and ready!

They are pretty cute!!  You'll notice that Phil (the husband) is holding his phone, well that is because we updated our Pokemon Go app and had to go catch 'em all...yes, we are that nerdy (I'm sure more nerdiness will come up eventually!).

May the Force Be With You! 


  1. What a sweet plaque! :) hope you have a great weekend!

  2. What a fun gift! Let nerdiness reign!!!! :)
    (PS: Found your blog via Jen [Marathons & Dogtags])

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