Monday, February 27, 2017

Airplanes, Weddings, & Sweet Tea

What a weekend!! Phil and I were in a wedding this weekend in Alabama; our friends who have been together FOREVER (seriously, 7 years!) finally tied the knot this past Saturday!  We were so excited to be part of this amazing event!

The weekend started out with a BANG! We arrived at the airport only an hour before takeoff (thank you pop up blizzard), nothing gets your heart rate up and at it like running through a parking lot and an airport at 6am! But, we made it and we were off!

We landed in Alabama, grabbed our rental car (a bright, cherry red Dodge Journey to be couldn't miss us) some sweet tea (I love being in the South where I can get that all the time) and it was go time!

He's always thrilled to take driving selfies with me....especially when he's driving...

It was so fun to finally meet the rest of the bridesmaids!  We have all been communicating for months, but it was nice to finally do that in person!  And of course, to see the beautiful bride! The rehearsal was a slam dunk and it was time to kick off the pre-wedding celebration with the rehearsal dinner: it was awesome to meet everyone and we were able to tell funny stories of the bride and groom.  Phil enlightened the group with how the Groom calmed him down on the day of our engagement, but that is a story for another time!

Rehearsal selfie: Phil compared me to an Oreo, a "cute Oreo"to be my credit, I did have pink shoes on, so I was a stylish Oreo.

The Wedding Day was filled with hairspray, bobby pins, laughter, chicken nuggets, makeup, and a whole lot of excitement!  We were all super excited!  Today was the day that we have all been waiting for (especially the Bride!!)  It was all perfect, the Bride most of all :)

And so our friends are officially Husband and Wife...welcome to the club friends!! Phil and I had such a wonderful time, but we are glad to be back home and relaxing after our adventure! We hadn't been in a wedding since our own, and I must say, it was awesome!  It was fun watching our friends take those vows and begin their adventure as Husband and Wife...I know that marrying Phil has been my favorite adventure so far!

Have a great week everyone! 


  1. How fun!! :) What a wonderful weekend and I love your dress!

    1. Thank you!! I loved the navy color of the dress and it was soooo comfortable!! :)


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