Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tough Day at the Office

So there are days that being a teacher is really tough: it's hard giving consequences to my students because in all actuality, I am their biggest fan and their loudest cheerleader.  But, I am also the one that has to teach them accountability and responsibility....sigh.  BUT, then you have moments with your students that remind you of why you do this.  Today I had a student tell me that he feels lucky to have me in his life because I never give up on him and never pass judgement (big smile!) It is really awesome when they recognize that about you; it can really brighten your day! Happy Thursday everyone!

P.S., this is what Max thinks about our new 4:30am wakeup call:


  1. That's really sweet of your student. Teachers really do have a tough job and I wish they got paid better. I'm sure you're doing a great job.

    And aww...poor Max! that would be my dog.


  2. ...and yes, my dogs go back to bed as soon as I feed the at 5:15am. Lucky little things.
    Glad you're seeing the satisfactory side of teaching! :)


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