Monday, February 6, 2017

First Marathon Complete!

I did it!! I officially finished my first half marathon! It was amazing and extremely tiring...but I achieved my goal!  Today at school was quite an adventure, woah sore!  I mean, wow!  Everything hurts from my ribcage down!  My students were really wonderful however, they were so proud.  They wanted to know every detail, see my medal and informed me that I was to stretch and soak in a tub when I got home (thanks guys).

I learned a few things during my first half marathon:

  1. Always race on a Saturday because Monday is brutal
  2. Eating carbs before racing is a real thing, do it
  3. Prepare to be a blob for the rest of the day, and the day after

With that being said, I am now going to nap until it is time to get up and go to bed.  Happy Monday everyone! 


  1. Epsom salt soaks help, right? I've heard that (not that I've run enough to need it :)

  2. Yay!!! That is a huge accomplishment! After my 1st I remember being a total zombie and just wanting to stay in bed haha.

  3. AWESOME JOB!!! thats so amazing!! I have only did one but its the best feeling when you finish! Congrats!!


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