Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Caffeine, Dog Walks, & Cereal

What a week! Normally, after school I rush right home, let Max out, change my clothes, and we are out the door to hit the trails!  We are on a mission to get a good walk in before we lose the sun.  What a difference Daylight Savings makes in our day now! There is still some hurry up, but now I can let us mosey a little bit more on our walks, versus dragging Max along when he wanted to pee on every branch/leaves/bush (do we REALLY need to pee on that branch again??).  But now, all is well!

However, my alarm in the morning is hitting me like a ton of bricks....I know my clock says 5am, but it really looks like midnight.  I am not the only one who thinks so either:

Therefore, my caffeine intake has been a little higher than normal, but I feel like that is a necessary increase (insert sweet tea cup EVERYWHERE in my life)

Phil has been visiting our families in NY (state, not city) before he reports to OK for Captains Course, and has been enjoying the bitter cold and lots of snow, courtesy of the snow storms this week.  He sends me snow pictures and I send him sunny photos from CO since it is been 75* this week (shorts and t-shirts!), I think I win that round.

With this week hitting the crazy quota with energy levels, I have been giving up on actual food for dinner and eating cereal like its going out of style.  Plus it goes great with my post-walk couch cuddles that Max and I partake that's not weird right??

Have a happy week everyone! Almost weekend time!

P.S: who is going to see Beauty and the Beast this weekend?!?!  I cannot wait!! :)

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  2. Cereal is my go to meal too when Nick is out of town (and when he's in town too lol)! Oh and I don't want to hear about your 75 deg weather when I'm buried in 3 ft of snow! Haha. Hope you and Max are doing well!!!!

    1. Hahaha I am sorry about your intense snow fall! But yay snow days!!!! And right!?! The boys leave and its all about cereal lol!

  3. This is definitely the one thing I love about daylight savings time! More light to do things.

    1. It is so nice! I love being able to be out and about! I am not a huge fan of the dark because then I feel like I should be in bed! So its definitely a nice change of pace!


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