Wednesday, March 22, 2017

State Testing, Meltdowns, & RV Parks

There is nothing good about state testing: crazy schedules, long proctoring hours, meltdowns, and the remnants of brains.  The freshman have been testing since Monday and I'm not entirely sure what their brain capacity is on a scientific level, but I can tell you that it is officially gone after today.  And there is nothing like standing, meandering around, and staring at the back of their heads for four and a half hours to make the day feel lightening fast.  My poor feet have been enjoying sandals for about three weeks in a row now, and I had the nerve to shove them into ACTUAL shoes to make the standing not feel so bad; update: my feet are on strike because I made them wear real shoes (insert eye roll here).

This is Max summing up my feelings of testing week...I also wanted to hide on the couch and bury by head in the corner

The thing about my students, is that they are very schedule/routine oriented; and for the past three days, we have done nothing but mess that up.  Freshmen were testing and all other grades had their classes relocated (we used classrooms for the testing) and so that meant that no one knew where they were going and did not like the fact that they weren't going to be in their normal classrooms.  Cue different meltdowns of different magnitudes.  On the bright side, tomorrow and Friday are normal schedules and we are almost at Spring Break (keep breathing, only two more days, keep breathing, only two more days, etc)

Phil and my father officially arrived in OK yesterday evening after a two day trip from Western New York.  Phil and I were not super excited about paying for two households while he was in OK for Captains Career Course, so we thought, "Hey, what about living in my parents RV?" and my parents graciously lent us the Winnebago for Phil's time in OK.  So my dad is driving the Winnie, and Phil is driving his truck and they convoyed to OK.  Now with any good road trip, something unexpected always happens: in their case it was when the back bumper of the Winnie decided to fall off while they were rolling down the highway.  Luckily it didn't hit Phil and they managed to put it back on....but boy was I ever happy to miss out on that little endeavor!

Phil is now a resident at Buffalo Bob's RV Park in OK...something tells me he's going to fit right in!

Also a super cool plus:
Look how pretty the budding leaves are!!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Oh gosh!! So glad everything is okay. I hope the rest of his stay in OK is uneventful.

    1. I hope so too! Kind of started off with some excitement!

  2. Ugh, I hated state testing. I can't imagine teachers dealing with it either. Sorry it's been a rough week! Love the pretty tree though - it's spring!


    1. It definitely perked me up a bit!! Happy Spring!

  3. We have the same trees in our yard. I don't know what they are!


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