Friday, March 3, 2017

"Miss! You're Back!!"

That was what greeted me when I went back to work on Tuesday, and I must say, it warmed my heart and tickled me pink.  It's always nice when your students miss you!  They asked all about my Wedding/Alabama adventure and I told them all about it; including photos.  They thought it looked like a fun weekend and it was!  They then asked me what I was up to this weekend (their guesses were: practicing my ninja skills, traveling, walking my dog, and jumping out of an airplane...apparently I am really cool in their eyes), and in all actuality, it's not going to be anything as exciting (except the dog walk part, that's a must!).  Phil is leaving for Oklahoma for Captains Course on Monday and will be gone for 6 months, so we are packing him up (booooo).  And do you know what they responded?? They were bummed that they wouldn't be able to meet Phil this year after were they going to meet him?  Was I supposed to bring him in for show and tell?  Not too sure on that part...

It has been a super fast week!  When I wasn't recapping my Wedding Weekend, nagging the students to get their missing work in because the quarter was ending (bring on 4th Quarter!), or seeing if they had any cool suggestions of what I should eat for dinner (sometimes thats a difficult decision), I was hanging with Max and Phil.  We have been blessed again with decent weather this week, so we were able to enjoy walks outside where we sniffed and peed on all of the weeds and caught lots of Pokemon (nerd alert!)
Max likes to survey the water....but he doesn't go in it because he's a huge chicken, but he makes sure it's still there and doing it's thing.

And Phil decided to get even with me and all of my insisted selfies and take a photo of Max and I
I should show this picture to my students....but then I would crush my coolness (if that actually exists)...this was also taken sometime between 8:30-9:30pm...the wild life of a high school teacher and her vicious sidekick.

I would like to give a quick shoutout to my friend Angi who redesigned my blog and made it look pretty!  Her computer/design skills are amazing and mysterious.  You are awesome!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Aw, I'm so happy you like your new design and thanks for the shout out!! Happy blogging!!!


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