Sunday, April 9, 2017

Hiking, Phone Calls, & Scooby Doo

Good News: I did not get attacked by the fierce shower monsters or drown in the tub because my fierce shower guard dog was on duty:

Look at him: primed and ready for any action!

After our Snow Day, the weather has been very cooperative and we have enjoyed our after school dog walks and hiking this weekend!
Max has been practicing his puppy smolder to impress his doggy girlfriends at daycare ;)

Phil and I managed an actual phone call (you know, where we can hear each others' voices??) on Saturday and we talked for a record TWO AND A HALF HOURS!! To be honest, I wasn't sure we had it in us!  Phil tends to be on the quieter side, as for myself, well, I can pretty much talk all the time with endless topics-my brain is a fascinating place according to Phil.  I'm pretty proud of that!

Max and I have also been hitting the Scooby Doo quite hard: it was my favorite as a child and its something nice to have on in the background while I read or work (Max is a huge fan obviously).  Isn't it odd that when you are stressed some of those childhood favorites give you that extra sense of calm?
With PSAT and SAT testing coming up, Scooby might be able to assist Max in helping me keep my sanity! But for now, its time to plan and unwind with my little man before the crazy week starts!

Max is already in position! Have a happy week everyone! :)

What are some of your childhood favorite movies or shows that just make you feel good?

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  1. Love Scooby Doo, you and Max have great taste in shows �� Good luck with work this week!

    1. PS. The '??' was a smiley face but I don't think it pulled through...oh well haha

    2. Thanks girl!! We may be slightly addicted to Scooby...there are worse things right? I hope you have a wonderful week as well!! :)

  2. Max looks so happy to be outside! :) I love it.

    1. He was so excited! He got to meet lots of other puppies on the trails!

  3. Omg, your dog has the sweetest face! & I'm so with you on watching childhood shows/movies for the calm factor. Half of what I watch is for that reason haha I'm such a sucker for the nostalgia angle.

  4. Me too!! It's comforting and I've seen it a million times so I don't feel the need to pay close attention! And thank you :)


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