Wednesday, April 12, 2017

PSAT's, Dog Walks, & Online Shopping

So remember that time last week when I had a Snow Day? Well combine Snow Day with Phil being gone, and you have a recipe for online shopping!  And that is exactly what I did.  I had been shopping with my mom when I had been home, and we went into a Kate Spade store.  Ever since then I've had my eye on this adorable little cross body.  Add in the Snow Day (a whopping 8 days after I saw it) and it left me no choice: I snagged that baby!

Anticipation is building...

Hellooooooo Gorgeous!

I also decided that I needed to reward myself because I was proctoring and conducting the PSAT's for our I totally deserved it right???

Speaking of the PSAT's, they are officially DONE!  We made it! And it practically went off without a hitch; thank goodness!  All that stress, worry, and sleepless nights can now be used for another task.

I also decided that it was officially time for the Spring Wardrobe!

I wore my pretty yellow pants and was referred to as "Sunshine" multiple times throughout the day and I was not upset about it; after all, the sun is the best part about Spring and Summer  :)

*Those sandals have seen better days though, they are about six years old; I only paid about $6 for them, but it's definitely time for shoe shopping*

Max is glad we survived the PSAT's too

Happy almost Thursday everyone!! :)

Does anyone have any Easter plans for this weekend?

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  2. We are heading to Florida to spend Easter with my family and I can't wait. Ohhhh Target has been awesome for summer sandals this year! Plus they are on sale right now. :) I hope you have a wonderful Easter!!

    1. Totally checking out Target this weekend!! I am in desperate need for a Target fix, they have been remodeling the one by me! That sounds super fun!! Have a wonderful time!!! :)

  3. No Easter plans. We've never been around family for Easter so we've gotten used to doing not much!
    I like the pants.
    New purses make most days better.

    1. A new purse definitely perks up the week! Especially a testing week....

  4. Online shopping is a lot of fun. I don't do it enough. At least testing week is almost over for you. We are having family over for Easter.

    1. That's exciting about family coming over for Easter!! I hope you guys have fun! :)

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