Sunday, April 16, 2017

Pedicures, Dress Shopping, & Washer Fluid

My Papi came to visit me!!! This is one of the best surprises in the world!! My dad (aka: Papi) is a truck driver and he has the ability to "pop in" and visit his girl and best grand-puppy (Max and I) on various occasions.  I consider myself super lucky that he called me on Thursday and asked if I wanted a visitor this that even a question?!?!

*Max was super excited to have his Papi back*

Now when my Papi comes to visit, I usually ask him to assist me with various tasks: refilling my washer fluid, checking the air in my tires, sweeping up spiders in the Scary Boiler Room, etc.  Well, this weekend, I made him go dress shopping with me and get pedicures.  Dad is really good about getting Father/Daughter pedis...I think he looks forward to them!

Back to dress shopping; Phil has his promotion ceremony coming up next month and I am going to go pin him!  I am so excited!  After all, its been a little while since I've seen him, so this is awesome! But then the question comes up: what do I wear?!?!

I ended up getting two dresses at the Loft (along with some pants, a dress for school, a couple of tanks, and a t-shirt...I do have a problem), one in cream and one in black.

*Excuse the dressing room mirror pics*

Now the next important question: what shoes do I wear?!?

A friend suggested that I try wedges and another suggested kitten heeled pumps...any suggestions?

Max, Papi and I celebrated Easter with a walk in the park!  Max was even able to go off leash!  I was beaming like the proud puppy mama that I am!

Look at that happy dog grin!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and Hoppy Easter and is ready for another week!! :)

Does anyone have any wedge/kitten heel suggestions?

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  1. The answer is ALWAYS wedges!
    Glad you had company this weekend...we worked outside Saturday and Sunday ("farm chores") so I didn't do anything special. I'm thinking a pedicure next weekend....

    1. What color wedges do I get?!? Pedicures are the best!

  2. You can never go wrong with pedicures!! I love the dresses you got! You could wear wedges or a cute strappy sandal. :)

  3. Your dog is adorable. And how nice of your dad to stop in! I think parents really deserve the appreciation when the make the effort to come visit. As far as shoes, I think a wedge would look best with the white dress and a heel or sandal with the black. I went forever without a tan wedge and now I'm sorry I did that ;) The perfect summer shoe!

    1. Thank you so much!! I a definitely going to have to look at tan wedges, I've never had a pair! I feel like that needs to change...

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